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Trade Show companies

Employco USA has worked within the trade show industry for over 20 years, helping businesses like yours streamline your operations and lower labor costs. As the official payroll and HR service provider of the EACA and ESCA, we know what it takes for your business to succeed and just how hard it can be to balance the endless administrative functions of union agreements, workers' compensation, fringe calculations, payroll processing, and so much more.

Employco helps you by handling all of the time-consuming administrative obstacles that take up a large portion of your day, while saving you money on your labor expenses. Imagine having the ability to seamlessly expand your reach into countless cities across the U.S. without the cost of new union agreements or being forced to fret over payroll management and labor calls. You will enjoy maximum savings on payroll costs, freedom to expand your reach into any city and the flexibility and simplicity that comes from having a single source partnership to help manage your trade show administrative operations.

Don't waste your time and money trying to manage all the complexities of your labor needs, let us handle it for you.

Our Services:

Union Agreements
  • Access to Employco's union agreements in most states
  • No union bond deposit required
  • Manage all union audits associated with payroll taxes and fringes
Fringe Calculations
  • Prepare and handle all monthly union fringe reports
  • Automatically calculate and track fringes separate from wages
  • Remittance of all fringe payments
Payroll & Tax Management
  • Hassle-free, on-time payroll delivery
  • Payroll processing services includes all tax filings
  • Unemployment tax savings and claims management
Hardhat and document
Workers' Compensation
  • Unbeatable workers' compensation rates
  • Direct access to our best-in-class experience MOD
  • Discounted rates in all states

"In the end - I don't know if we would have grown, or even lasted as long as we have if it hadn't been for Employco. We saved a small fortune on workers' comp alone."

- Owner of a national I&D company