Friday’s Jobs Numbers Bring Glad Tidings as Holiday Season Approaches

Employment trends expert explains the latest jobs numbers and what they mean moving forward

Over 260,000 jobs were added in October. But, what does this latest jobs report mean for the average American?

“Last week’s numbers were quite encouraging,” says Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employment trends expert. “Even with hurricanes and other major natural disasters across the country, the job market continued to stay strong and show positive growth.”

Wilson says that this latest report suggests that the American economy could be in the strongest place it has been in recent years. “Jobs have been growing for a while now,” says the employment trends expert. “But, we were always quick to caution Americans that it could be a blip. At this point, I think it is now safe to say that this is not an anomaly: the employment market is finally recovered and resilient once again.”

The employment trends expert points out that October’s numbers are the highest in more than a year, “Additionally, unemployment has not been this low since Clinton was in office,” says Wilson. “And, other indicators (like consumer spending) are also very heartening.”

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