The Job Hunting Secret Every New Graduate Needs to Know

Employment expert reveals how new grads can transition into the working world

As recent college graduates flood the job market, competition for prime positions will be steep. It can be a difficult transition for young people, especially if they have no prior experience in the professional sphere.

Rob Wilson, employment expert and president of Employco USA, says, “Finding a job is always stressful, but if it is your first job post-college, the anxiety is even greater. With no professional job history to boast of and little experience with interviews and corporate networking, recent college graduates can feel very overwhelmed as they start pounding the proverbial pavement.”

Luckily, there is an easy way for young people to gain experience and professional clout. Wilson says, “A recruitment agency is a genius solution for college grads. Recruiters have the connections that these young people desperately need, and they can connect recent grads to a plethora of employment opportunities. When working with a recruiter, their main goal is to launch your career or take you to the next best opportunity professionally.”

Best of all, says Wilson, recruiters can help young people learn how to interview and how to excel at these professional interactions. “From assisting with resumes to helping people polish their interview skills, a recruiter is invaluable for anyone trying to break into the professional world.”