DISC and Sales Zoom Event October 26th

Got the sales blues?

DISC and Sales Zoom Event October 26th
An individual’s behavioral pattern and personality impacts how they evaluate and make decisions. Using a proven tool to identify these traits, like the DISC Profile, will improve the effectiveness of your selling and marketing approaches!

A program that will teach you:

  • Your selling profile and how it is seen
  • Your prospect’s profile and how to speak to them
  • How to increase closes through 5-Step interviewing model

It works! The DISC behavior models allow an understanding of how to recognize and customize your message so it gets through the customer so it is heard.

Business Owners/Leaders/Entrepreneurs/Sales Leaders

Rob Wilson from Employco USA
Ray Silverstein from the Peer Advisory Board

John Ruh from John M Ruh & Associates

October 26, 2022, 1:00pm – 2:00pm CST with 15 minutes Q&A optional

Facilitated group Zoom discussion.

Email or call John (773-641-9631) or sign up here.