Crain’s List of Chicago’s Largest Employers

Crain’s Chicago Business recently released its list of “Chicago’s Largest Employers”, ranked by full-time local employees as of 12/31/17.

Employco USA took the 25th spot – among other local giants, such as: Amazon, Chase, and Wal-Mart. Employco rose 2.9% from its 2016 count, with 7,657 full-time local employees.

Crain's 2017

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Big Business Backs Trump Tax Cuts with Bonus Payouts

The Washington Times

Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA, was recently mentioned in an article from The Washington Times. Read below for an excerpt from the full article, Big business backs Trump tax cuts with bonus payouts.

“After years of stagnant wage growth, many in the private sector say the tax cuts have provided a boost for middle-class workers even before the expected relief starts showing up in their paychecks next month.

“It’s a big win not just for businesses but for employees, and not just employees at big companies,” said Rob Wilson, president of Employco USA, a human-resources firm in Westmont, Illinois. “Bonuses like that for people who don’t typically get bonuses, that could be 3 percent [of their salary]. Across the board, we’ve seen many companies increase bonuses.”

He said the employment situation and wages this year should continue to improve, and that the bonuses are also a sign of companies trying to hold onto worked in a tightening labor market. He said surveys are showing that about two-thirds of employees will be looking for better jobs this year, with companies adding better benefits.

“It’s businesses trying to remain competitive,” Mr. Wilson said. “It does have a ripple effect for other businesses, not just wages but benefits. How can you attract and retain employees?”

With the unemployment rate already at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent, the improving job market also will provide more opportunities for people who had left the workforce permanently.

“One of the things that really has been ignored but was a big issue under the Obama administration was the ‘underemployed’ and the ‘unreported,’” Mr. Wilson said. “There’s now incentive for the underemployed to get back into their original careers. For those people who were not working, there’s an opportunity to get back out in the workforce.”

The workforce participation rate, a measure of how many people dropped out of the workforce altogether, has ranged between 62.5 percent to 63 percent during the last few years of the Obama administration. It hadn’t been so low since the 1970s.”

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HR Halloween Horror Stories

Halloween Costume Horrors 

Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA, was mentioned today in an article from The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The following excerpt, and full article, provides tips and best practices to help employers avoid an HR nightmare during the Halloween season.

Employco would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

A Holocaust victim. An anorexic woman. A flasher. A “tranny granny.”

Those are among the Halloween costumes now being sold at retail stores and online.

They may be OK for some parties. But when it comes to workplace Halloween festivities, don’t even think about going there.

What’s meant to be a lighthearted celebration of Halloween can—if not properly handled—devolve into an event that offends colleagues.

“Remind everyone to stay away from political, religious, overly revealing or gruesome costumes because those can easily offend people,” said Rob Wilson, president of Westmont, Ill.-based Employco USA, which offers human resource services to companies. “HR can have an extra box of appropriate and inexpensive costumes for people to change into if they come to work dressed inappropriately.”

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The Jim Fannin Show, Podcast

Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA, was recently a guest on Jim Fannin’s weekly podcast, The Jim Fannin Show. Jim Fannin is the World’s #1 Coach of Champions & America’s ZoneCoach, with over 40 years of coaching experience. Each week, Jim focuses the show on the peak performance mindset called the Zone.

“On this episode, Rob shares his story of coincidentally meeting Jim Fannin on a golf course in a torrential rainstorm when he was at a mental crossroad of balancing his work, family and overall life. It was this life-changing encounter that resulted in Jim training Rob to attract the Zone in all facets of his life.”

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Crain’s List of Chicago’s Largest Privately Held Companies

Employco USA took the 141th spot on the Crain’s List of Chicago’s Largest Privately Held Companies with $317 million in revenue for 2016, up 7.5% from 2015.

Crain's List Employco

Employco was also recognized on the Workforce Giants (#13) and Local Employers (#1) charts with 12,681 total full-time employees and 7,442 local employees, respectively.

Crains List Employco

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