What Employers Need to Know about Changes to Obamacare

Employment expert weighs in with open enrollment approaching

Untitled-1Open enrollment season for Obamacare is about to begin, and there is much the nation needs to know in order to be prepared. There are many changes on the horizon, and most of them are not good.

Rob Wilson, employment expert and President of Employco USA says, “Premiums are set to rise by about 25 percent. On top of that, many Americans will only have one insurance company to pick from as many companies have been forced to shutter their doors. Lack of competition means that insurance companies have a stranglehold over their consumers.”

Wilson says that there are ways to avoid incurring high costs during open enrollment season. He advises employers to consider the following:

  1. Work with an HR-solutions company such as Employco USA to aggregate employees and broker a new small group plan. Doing so will simplify your paperwork and also lower costs.
  2. Trim offerings. Wilson says, “It’s hard to give up things like dental plans but ultimately, the most important thing is to make sure that your company stays afloat and your workers stay employed.”
  3. If you have under 50 employees, Wilson suggests that you raise salaries and allow employees to purchase their own healthcare plan. “This is not only a cost-saving measure, but it is forward-thinking. We don’t know what healthcare plans in this country are going to look like in the coming future, but well-paid employees will be able to pay for their medical needs regardless of what occurs.”

For more on this topic, please contact Rob Wilson at rwilson@thewilsoncompanies.com.

A Tool for Employers in this Uncertain Economy

Employment trends expert reveals mobile app that simplifies business management

iphoneThe business world is in a state of flux right now. From an uncertain economy to laws that regulate overtime and minimum wage, employers are faced with new challenges every day.

Employment trends expert and President of Employco USA, Rob Wilson, says, “With our current political climate, it is impossible to say what the future will hold for this country. Employers don’t know whether Obamacare is here to stay or whether a new healthcare plan is on the horizon. As a result, it can be difficult to figure out upcoming costs and ensure employees’ needs are covered.”

Wilson says that these constantly changing requirements helped inspire him to create the Employco app for iPhone, Android and Google Play for desktop. “We realized that our clients had a need for a mobile app which would bring training tips and H.R. resources to their fingertips. Whether you need information on an I-9 form or want to learn the legal logistics of drug testing, our app can help simplify the legal ins and outs of running a company. Our clients are so busy that our goal is to make their jobs as easy as possible.”

Wilson adds, “And, with our exclusive mobile training app, clients can take training quizzes, watch videos on safety training, and brush up on their H.R. skills. It’s really a one stop shop for all your company’s needs. With over 40 training videos on everything from safety to sexual harassment, it’s a must-have app.”

For more on this topic, please contact Rob Wilson at rwilson@thewilsoncompanies.com.