The Health Insurance Gaps That Could Cost You

doctor-563428_1280With health insurance changes on the horizon, many people are wondering what their next healthcare plan will hold. Currently, there are several costly gaps in traditional healthcare plans which could end up costing you and your family thousands of dollars.

Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA, says, “It’s important to be aware of these costly gaps so that you can purchase additional healthcare coverage if necessary.”

Here are the gaps to keep your eye on:

  1. Mental health. “The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) just reported that there are ‘too many gaps’ in mental healthcare coverage, and they say that the stigma of treating mental illness has led many people to not receive the coverage that they need. Only one in four people has insurance which covers mental health, and they were 2.5 times more likely to struggle with finding a mental healthcare provider that they could afford compared to finding a healthcare provider for their physical health.”
  2. Substance abuse. “We know that substance abuse is a huge issue in our society, and most people need help to quit. However, finding therapists who accept a patient’s particular insurance is a huge issue, as is the fact that out-of-pocket costs are sky-high.”
  3. Emergency room care. “The president of the American College of Emergency Physicians recently spoke out about the lack of coverage most insurance companies offer for E.R. stays. Additionally, too many people are turning to E.R. visits instead of their regular doctor as they do not have insurance. Emergency room doctors only make up 4 percent of physicians, yet they provide care for 28 percent of all acute care visits and 50 percent of Medicaid visits. Clearly,  these gaps need to be treated and quickly.”

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