Webinar: Legal Recruiting and Hiring

Employco USA, Inc.

Employco Webinar, June 2018

The recruiting and hiring process is complicated enough without the additional burden of having to worry about potential legal concerns and discrimination claims. Several federal and state laws influence a company’s search, evaluation, and selection of new employees. To help avoid discrimination claims, information requested from the applicant should be directly related to the position he or she is interviewing for.

What you will learn:

  • Which HR laws affect hiring
  • How to create an unbiased job advertisement
  • How to legally screen and interview job candidates
  • How to write lawful job offers including conditional offers

Employco’s subject matter experts facilitate HR Webinars for Management to assist employers with current labor law analysis, trends and best practices to incorporate into practical workforce management. Our webinars are scheduled for 30 minutes because we understand company leaders’ busy schedules and the importance of time management.

Jason Eisenhut