5 Tips for Mark Cuban to Fix the Mavericks

Human resources and leadership expert explains how to fix the Mavericks’ corporate culture

Mark Cuban“Shark Tank” star and billionaire Mark Cuban is in hot water after accounts of sexual harassment and violence within the Dallas Mavericks came to light in recent weeks. Although Cuban has faced the charges head on, even going so far as to pledge $10M to domestic violence charities, some question whether Cuban can recover…or, if the Dallas Mavericks’ workplace will ever truly be safe for women.

“It’s easy to understand why women might not want to work for an organization like the Mavericks, or why people would be hesitant to trust Cuban,” says Rob Wilson, human resources expert and President of Employco USA, a national employment-solutions firm. “After all, this abuse went on for years within the Mavericks’ workplace, Cuban’s remorse is obvious, but for the impacted employees, the apologies might feel ‘too little, too late’.”

To this end, Rob Wilson has advice for Mark Cuban and other leaders who might find themselves in a similar situation.

“If your workplace is grappling with allegations of sexual harassment, there are several steps that managers and employers need to take right away,” says Wilson.

The human-resources expert offers these 5 tips below:

  1. Have a zero-tolerance policy. “According to allegations against the Mavericks’ employees and Mark Cuban, sexual harassment was tolerated for years,” says Wilson. “There are rumors of pay-outs, hush money and turning a blind eye. Instead, employers must enact a zero-tolerance policy and ensure that every new hire knows about this policy and is aware that absolutely no sexual misconduct will be permitted.”
  2. Hire a more diverse workforce. “Mark Cuban just put a female CEO in charge of his employees, which is a very wise move and one that other employers could learn from,” says Wilson. “While women being in positions of power in the workplace is no guarantee against sexual misconduct, it can certainly help to stem the tide and make female employees feel safer coming forward.”
  3. Anonymous reporting. “In this vein, all workplaces need to have a system for anonymous reporting in which employees can safely come forward and ask for help without being punished or humiliated,” says Wilson. “Anonymous reporting keeps offices honest and employees safer.”
  4. Sexual assault prevention training. “It might sound unnecessary, but as recent #MeToo reports in the media have shown, there are many people who need to be trained on professional behavior in the workplace as it relates to women, sex and dating,” says Wilson. “Sexual assault prevention training for all employees, male and female, will help to clean up your office’s culture and ensure that everyone feels safe and protected.”
  5. Employee assistance programs. “Along with anonymous reporting structures and training seminars, it would be wise for companies to also offer programs that will help to assist employees who might be grappling with these issues,” says Wilson. “This will not only help to support employees, but it is a good-faith effort that shows you are dedicated to keeping your office safe for all people and free of the scourge of sexual harassment and violence against women.”

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