(Article) “How employers can prepare for active shooters by addressing workplace violence overall”

Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA, was recently quoted in an article for HR Dive:

Police CarAside from understanding the zero-tolerance expectation, employees also need to know what to do when violence occurs in the workplace. “What are your emergency guidelines? You’ve got an employee handbook. You probably have fire drills, tornado drills — what happens in that type of emergency?” Employco USA President and Employment Expert Rob Wilson said. And what happens when someone fires a gun in the workplace, he asked: “What are your security protocols? Where do people go? Who contacts emergency services?”

Employers need to think through all of these scenarios and define protocols. Employees should be able to access any emergency response guidelines in their employee handbook, but Wilson encouraged leaders to go further. “As a management team, you should dig deeper and have a bigger process,” he said. When violence erupts in the workplace, no one will look in the handbook before making a move, he pointed out. “It’s good to have that, but you really have to have it prepared so as a management team you start with that process.”

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