HR Newsletter: How to Make Enticing Learning & Development Programs

Learning and Development

Workplaces are currently facing a variety of challenges. One of the most pressing concerns is employee voluntary resignation; many entry-level, retail and hospitality workers are quitting in record numbers. However, this problem is affecting virtually every industry.

Certain employers are combatting this trend by emphasizing how much value they can bring to their workers beyond a simple paycheck. For some workplaces, these efforts entail promoting career growth with learning and development (L&D) solutions. Yet, an L&D program will only succeed if employees are eager to participate. This article outlines how employers can create enticing L&D programs.

Understanding the Value of L&D Programs – A quality L&D program can allow employers to help support employees on their learning journeys. When employees don’t have development and career advancement opportunities, they may feel unchallenged or unmotivated in their roles.

L&D efforts have the ability to be a powerful attraction and retention tool for organizations, but also offer other benefits. These efforts can positively impact workplaces by:

  • Closing worker skill gaps
  • Keeping up with workplace demands
  • Increasing employee innovation and creativity
  • Boosting employee productivity

While L&D programs have been shown to benefit organizations and their workers, they can only do so when implemented effectively.

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How to Make Enticing Learning and Development Programs