HR Newsletter: State Legislative Updates

HR Newsletter: State Legislative Updates

District of Columbia Enacts New Wage Transparency Requirements – On Jan. 12, 2024, the District of Columbia (the District) enacted the Wage Transparency Omnibus Amendment Act of 2023, amending the Wage Transparency Act of 2014. The amended law requires pay and benefits disclosures, prohibits wage history inquiries, and expands employee protections regarding compensation discussions. The amended law takes effect on June 30, 2024, and applies to all nongovernmental employers with at least one employee in the District.

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District of Columbia Legal Update

Illinois Employers with 100+ Employees Must File Pay Data by March 23 – Under the Illinois Equal Pay Act (IEPA), certain private employers with 100 or more employees in the state must apply for an Equal Pay Registration Certificate (EPRC) from the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) by March 23, 2024 (or, for those that did not become authorized to transact business in Illinois until after March 23, 2021, within three years after commencing operations). The IEPA also requires recertification every two years after the initial certification.

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Illinois Legal Update

NYC Requires Employers to Provide Notice of Workers’ Rights – New York City (NYC) has enacted a new law, Local Law 161, that requires every employer in the city to post and provide each of their employees with a “Workers’ Bill of Rights” by July 1, 2024. Thereafter, employers must provide each new employee with the bill of rights on or before the employee’s first day of work. Employers that fail to comply may face a $500 civil penalty.

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New York Legal Update