HR Chat w/Employco USA: Common Employee Communication Mistakes to Avoid

In this HR chat, Rob and Jason explore improving employee communication. They share common mistakes to avoid and practical solutions to enhance communication within your organization. From identifying areas for improvement via surveys to implementing a quarterly state of the union, they provide a number of tips employers can use.

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HR Chat w/Employco USA: DOL’s New Independent Contractor Rule

In this HR chat, Rob and Jason discuss the revised guidelines surrounding independent contractor classification. With the new rule going into effect on March 11th, they dissect six factors that determine the classification of workers as independent contractors or employees, ranging from opportunities for profit or loss to the degree of control exerted by the employer.

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HR Chat w/Employco USA: Bereavement Leave and How to Support Employees

In this HR chat, Rob and Jason discuss bereavement leave and employee support. They stress the alarming statistic that 40% of companies lack bereavement policies, highlighting the need for clear guidelines and management training. From paid time off to treating each employee individually, they emphasize the importance of tailored approaches as well as staying informed about state laws and requirements.

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HR Chat w/Employco USA: 6 HR Trends to Monitor in 2024

In this HR chat, Rob and Jason delve into 6 HR trends to monitor in 2024. They discuss artificial intelligence, new compliance rules to keep tabs on across multiple states, skills-based hiring, strategies for enhancing employee engagement, adapting to the evolving return-to-work landscape, and optimizing competitive compensation in a dynamic job market.

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HR Chat w/Employco USA: 5 Attraction and Retention Trends to Monitor in 2024

Join Rob and Jason in this HR Chat as they explore HR trends in 2024 that will be shaping attraction and retention. They discuss the evolving labor market, the trend of skills-based hiring, adapting strategies for Generation Z, the expanding practice of pay transparency, and the importance of keeping up with competitive pay practices.

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HR Chat w/Employco USA: IRS Announces 2024 Annual Limits for Benefits

Join Rob and Jason in this HR Chat as they delve into the latest updates from the IRS regarding 2024 annual limits for benefits. They cover new thresholds effective January 1st for FSA plans, 401(k) contributions, and commuter benefits. They also highlight distinctions between FSA and HSA plans, healthcare premium hikes, and more.

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HR Chat w/Employco USA: Navigating the Holiday Party Season (Tips for Employers)

As companies gear up for the holiday season, Rob and Jason provide essential tips for employers, covering topics such as managing alcohol consumption, offering ridesharing options, establishing dress code policies, handling gift-giving, and more. Discover how to maintain a professional atmosphere while ensuring a joyful celebration for all.

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Don’t miss this insightful conversation on creating a seamless and enjoyable holiday party experience.

HR Chat w/Employco USA: 2024 State Minimum Wage

Join Rob and Jason in this HR Chat as they discuss the minimum wage landscape for 2024. They cover some of the wide range of values we see from federal down to state, county, and city. Watch this chat to gain valuable insight into what 2024 holds for several states.

Let us know if you have any questions! We also touched on minimum wage during our recent HR seminar, you can access the slides to the full presentation here.

HR Chat w/Employco USA: Navigating Pay Transparency

Join Rob and Jason in this HR Chat as they discuss pay transparency. Discover its impact in the employment landscape, with many states already adopting it and several more poised to implement it in the coming years. Delve into the requirements, challenges when dealing with remote workers, and the upcoming implementation in states like Illinois in 2025.

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HR Chat w/Employco USA: Recruiting and Hiring for the Holidays

Join Rob and Jason in this HR Chat as they dive into the topic of recruiting and hiring seasonal employees. With the holiday season approaching, they discuss effective planning strategies and share valuable tips to ensure you make the right hiring decisions. Discover why onboarding is a vital component of this process and how targeting your search can help your recruiting.

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