The Changes You Need to Make in Your Employee Handbook in 2017

Employment solutions expert explains the do’s and don’ts of a modern employee handbook

folder-of-files-428299_1280Most companies provide their staff with an employee handbook. There are many benefits to doing so, however, not all employee handbooks are created equal.

Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employment solutions expert says, “An employee handbook is a great way to communicate your company’s overall plans, practices and policies. From a legal standpoint, it offers a layer of protection to the employer as it proves that the employee was given pertinent information relating to their employment and job performance. It’s also a good way to communicate with employees and remove unnecessary confusion and false assumptions from the workplace.”

However, Wilson says that today’s employee handbooks should look a bit different from the handbooks of the past. “Employers need to review and edit their handbooks at least once a year,” says Wilson, “and with so many changes in employment law, it’s probably time for most employers to take a hard look at their current handbooks. It is likely that many items will need to be edited or even removed.”

Here, Wilson provides tips for creating an employee handbook in 2017:

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The Five Rules of Holiday Gift-Giving in the Workplace

H.R. expert weighs in on the complicated etiquette of presents in the office

presentExchanging holiday gifts in the workplace is often a tricky affair. The rules tend to be ambiguous, and expectations tend to vary widely from employee to employee. Luckily, there are several things that managers and H.R. personnel can do to make the holidays more joyful.

Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and human resources expert says, “The biggest mistake I see is that managers think they shouldn’t weigh in on gift-giving. Yet employees want clear, concise guidelines. Some employees wonder: Should I give my boss a gift? And, if I don’t and everyone else does, what will they think of me? Others are strapped for cash yet feel obligated to give to everyone in the office, while some employees feel maligned because they are expected to give gifts when they don’t even celebrate the holidays.”

So, what is the answer? Wilson believes that a carefully crafted “gift-giving policy” is needed, and should be passed out to all new employees as well as circulated again at the holiday season. Possible tips to consider include:

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