Why 74% of People Want to Leave Their Current Job

Employment expert reveals the reasons behind why people leave their jobs

A recent survey found that 74 percent of people say that they are looking for a new job. Although that number might sound high, employment expert Rob Wilson says that the number is accurate. And here’s something else: Hating your job now can equal poorer health even years in the future.

“Many people are dissatisfied at their current place of employment, so even if they aren’t actively searching for new employment each day, they are passively keeping an eye out and networking when possible,” he says. “And now a new study shows that poor job satisfaction in your late 20s and 30s can have a huge negative impact on your physical and emotional health even decades in the future.”

So what is the reason why so many Americans aren’t happy with their jobs?

“The number one reason that people say they leave their jobs is because they aren’t happy with the possibilities for advancement,” says Wilson, CEO of Employco USA. “No one likes to feel like they are spinning their wheels. And the corporate culture itself is changing. Staying at a job for decades used to be a mark of accomplishment and loyalty. Now, today’s generation view that as stagnation—they are always looking for the next best thing.”

What are the other reasons people give for why they want out of their current jobs?

“The other two reasons are that people are unsatisfied with their management and/or their office climate,” he says, “Overly restrictive bosses or unfair management practices can make people feel like their work isn’t appreciated or as though they are being treated like children, rather than as valued employees.”

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