HR Newsletter: Proper Workspace Ergonomics


One of the primary ways to prevent work-related neck and back injuries is to evaluate your workstation and make sure it is ergonomically correct and promotes good posture. The discomfort and pain from slouching at a desk all day is very common, with many office workers suffering pain at least once a week. If you are working at an ergonomically incorrect workstation or practice poor posture, you can suffer from neck, shoulder, wrist and elbow discomfort.

Avoid unnecessary discomfort at work by focusing on your posture and making your workstation ergonomically appropriate. Typically, aches and pains from office work stem from physical stress due to prolonged and awkward positions, repetitive motions and overuse.

We’ve created an infographic to help you and your employees promote good posture and correct ergonomics. Click the following link to view the infographic on “How to Properly Arrange Your Workspace.”

How to Properly Arrange Your Workspace

Sitting at a desk all day, even with the best posture and ergonomics, can still be stressful on your body. On average, your body can only tolerate one position for about 20 minutes before needing readjustment. Consider taking a one-minute break every 20 minutes.