HR Newsletter: Employee Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month

For more than 70 years, Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May. Mental health—how you think, feel and act—can change over time due to factors like workload, stress and work-life balance.

Although the past year has been challenging, the mental burden of the pandemic has enabled more transparency and empathy around mental health. We’ve compiled some interesting statistics to highlight Americans’ mental health:

  • 1 in 5 experience mental illness each year
  • 1 in 20 experience serious mental illness
  • 1.5 million live with schizophrenia
  • 7 million live with bipolar disorder
  • 19.4 million live with major depression
  • 48 million live with anxiety disorders

In light of May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, the National Safety Council (NSC) has provided the following materials, which you can use in future employee communications:

We want to help you support your employees’ mental health. Reviewing your plan designs and benefits offerings is a good first step.

Contact us to discuss your current offerings and to learn more about the mental health resources that you can provide to your employees.