Benefits Can Save You Money

Employee Benefits

Your benefits package is a powerful tool to help your organization and employees achieve their goals, whether they are focusing on fostering wellness, building financial security, or improving work-life balance. Going into 2023, most employers look at benefits packages as a recruiting tool to help them attract and retain top talent in a challenging economy, but did you realize the right offerings can save you money? More than 66% of organizations say they would like to decrease the costs of their benefits packages without sacrificing the benefits. By working with a company like Employco, that can happen. Maximizing your offerings to provide desired benefits while maintaining a budget will be vital to creating the right benefits package for 2023. As organizations start to plan for their 2023 enrollment periods, it’s important to understand how you can decrease costs without sacrificing the benefits you offer.

The cost of healthcare is a primary concern for employees and organizations. Inflation is driving up healthcare costs, along with the effects of delayed care caused by the pandemic. We’re seeing industry-wide healthcare cost increases of 20% – 30%, and organizations will have to make tough decisions about their overall benefits package for 2023 and how to pay for those increases. That means evaluating the cost of premiums, deductibles, and prescription co-pays to determine their impact on the company’s budget and employees’ bottom lines. It can be challenging to determine where to make changes to ensure the least impact on everyone’s costs. While moving to a higher tier could save your organization money on premiums, it might raise your employees’ copays, making it less attractive to them as a plan. Partnering with an HR outsourcer, like Employco, can help you evaluate plan options by helping to reduce costs and make your overall benefits package more affordable for your business and your employees. We buy in large volume, which enables us to offer benefit plans that help save your business time and premium dollars.

Better Access to Care
Employees are looking for better and easier access to care. Where once, they were fine with waiting to visit a doctor in their office or visit a pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions, the pandemic helped show how convenient and easy virtual and telehealth options made their access to care. For 2023, employees will be looking for benefits that offer the option to make virtual appointments with their medical providers. Your HR outsourcer can help you identify health care plan options that allow patients to access their healthcare providers virtually, some at no cost to you or your employees.

Family-Friendly Benefits
Family-friendly benefits are benefits that support employees throughout different stages of their life, enabling them to balance work and family responsibilities. Paid parental leave and adoption benefits allow parents to take time when they have a new child. Caregiver leave lets an employee take time off to care for a spouse, partner, or another family member such as a parent. Childcare benefits are another example of a family-friendly benefit that enables an employee to focus at work without worrying about childcare costs. Policies that support hybrid and remote work and flexible schedules and allow for a better work-life balance are another example of a family-friendly benefit. Employco can help you find the right family-friendly benefits and policies to support your employees. We can also offer you a wider variety of plans to accommodate all of your employees’ individual family needs without increasing your costs.

Voluntary Benefits
Voluntary benefits focus on health and wellness, support employees’ financial well-being, and even family-friendly benefits like the ones discussed above. They can help round out your benefits package and fill in coverage gaps without increasing your organization’s financial costs. Examples include familiar offerings such as dental and vision insurance, telemedicine options, mental health care, childcare or dependent care offerings, and programs that help support financial wellness. Typically, voluntary benefits are fully funded by the employee, so they are an effective way to offer additional benefits and bring more value.

Your benefits package is one of the most vital pieces of your recruitment strategy. Employco can help you provide the best plan possible. Our competitive benefits plans enable you to cater to your employees’ specific needs without impacting your bottom line. Contact us for help finding the right plan to meet the needs of your employees and your organization.