HR Newsletter: Seasonal Employment

HR Newsletter: Seasonal Employment

Many organizations rely on seasonal workers to supplement their regular workforce during peak times. This often occurs during busy seasons or holidays, as there’s an influx of business activity. While similarities exist, there are important differences between seasonal and regular employment. Due to these differences, hiring and reliance on seasonal workers can present significant and unexpected challenges for employers.

Seasonal employment is temporary employment that occurs during a specific time of the year. Employers often hire seasonal workers when they need extra help. This need may be based on industry demands, financial reasons, or increased consumer traffic, such as during the holiday season. Seasonal employment is more common in certain industries, such as delivery services, ski resorts, and agriculture.

The full article can be accessed here: Seasonal Employment. It explores seasonal employment, including the reasons organizations hire seasonal workers, considerations when hiring and recruiting seasonal workers, and helpful tips for recruiting and establishing a seasonal workforce.

HR Insights: Seasonal Employment

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