HR Newsletter: Stay Interviews

HR Newsletter: Stay Interviews

Employers are always seeking ways to retain their valuable employees. Unfortunately, it can be difficult figuring out exactly why workers jump ship. Instead of waiting for a two weeks notice, many employers are conducting stay interviews as a way to head off potential departures.

Stay interviews are typically meetings conducted with each employee and their supervisor. Unlike performance reviews, these meetings focus on an existing employee’s attitude toward an organization. Specifically, stay interviews attempt to discover the following:

  • What makes an employee want to work for the organization
  • What makes an employee want to stop working for the organization
  • What aspects of the organization need to be addressed to make working there more attractive to employees

Stay interviews help employers discover issues before they manifest into employee departures. Moreover, they help employees feel heard by their employers—showing them that the employer cares enough about retaining them to improve workplace operations.

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Stay Interviews

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