HR Newsletter: Identifying and Retaining Key Employees

HR Newsletter: Identifying and Retaining Key Employees

Identifying and retaining key employees is especially important in light of ongoing attraction and retention difficulties many employers have been facing. According to Zywave’s 2022 Attraction and Retention Survey, more than 75% of employers consider attraction and retention to be among their top five business challenges.

In response to changing work demands brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and trends such as the “Great Reshuffle”—a mass movement of workers from their current roles to positions that meet their shifting job expectations and priorities—retaining employees has become increasingly difficult for employers.

In order for organizations to continue to succeed, it is important that they are able to find and retain the best workers. These workers are those who affect performance and drive business for their employers, making them critical assets.

We’ve created an article that provides more information on key employees, explains how to identify them and offers ways employers can retain such workers. Click here to read the HR-Insights article: Identifying and Retaining Key Employees.

HR Insights: Identifying and Retaining Key Employees

To further help our clients’ efforts to retain key employees, Rob and Jason recently recorded an HR Chat video discussing Ongoing Performance Management: