Time to Get Off Zoom? The ‘Great Wait’ is Costing Companies Millions

HR expert speaks to the cost of remote work, and reveals new findings from the Employco 2021 Return to Work Survey

Employco WFH Survey ResultsA new survey has found that over 65% of companies have delayed their plans to return to the office due to COVID variants. The decision to stay remote, which is being called ‘The Great Wait,’ could wind up costing American businesses hundreds of millions.

Rob Wilson, employment trends expert and President of Employco USA, a national employment solutions firm with locations around the country, comments on this breaking news.

“Google has just delayed their return to the office until January 2022,” says Wilson. “Other companies like Facebook, Starbucks, Amazon, and Apple have released similar timelines. Sadly, however, this abundance of caution may end up being very costly.”

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New Survey: Only 39% of Companies Require Employees to Mask Up

Employment solutions CEO discusses exclusive new workplace survey

Employco COVID-19 Survey ResultsJust in time for the start of the new fiscal year, a newly-released employee survey led by Employco USA offers a revealing portrait of the American workplace.

“We surveyed 3,000 companies, which together employ over 10,000 employees,” says Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA, a national employment solutions firm with locations around the country.

“We made several key findings which illustrate how the workplace has changed since we returned to the ‘new normal,’ as well as findings which help to predict how things might change in the coming months,” says the employment trends expert.

Most notably, says Wilson, is the fact that only 39% of employers are requiring their workers to mask up when on the job.

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Scam Alert: New Study Says Job Scams on the Rise Due to COVID Pandemic

Employment trends expert comments on the Better Business Bureau study

Fraud AlertA new study from the Better Business Bureau has found that employment scams nearly doubled during 2020. Over 14 million victims fell prey to employment scams in 2020, causing losses of nearly $2 billion.

Employment trends expert Rob Wilson speaks on this troubling trend, as well as offers solutions for companies and employers.

“We’ve known these scams have been on the rise for months, and we have been helping our clients with how to best address the issue, but it is still very shocking to see just how quickly these scams mushroomed during the pandemic,” says Wilson, who is the President of Employco USA, an employment solutions firm based in Chicago.

Wilson says that the perpetrators are stealing employees’ identities in order to access government funds under their name.

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No Jab, No Job? Biden Makes Sweeping Vax Mandates, as United Airlines Puts Unvaxxed Employees on Unpaid Leave

Human resources expert offers commentary on this breaking story

Vaccine MandateYesterday President Biden directed the Labor Department to mandate that any companies with more than 100 employees either require the COVID vaccination or COVID test all their employees once a week.

“Those companies that don’t comply could face thousands of dollars in fines per employee,” says Rob Wilson, HR expert and President of Employco USA, an employment solutions firm with locations across the country. “This means that even those employers who may disagree with the mandate or dislike requiring the vaccination are left with very little choice: They will have to require the mandate or face costly fines that could cost them their business.”

Meanwhile, United Airlines just made international headlines after it was revealed that the airline giant is putting all unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave, even if they have a religious exemption.

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Requiring Proof of the Jab: Can Employers Ask If Employees Have Been Vaccinated?

Human resources expert Rob Wilson explains whether employers can inquire about workers’ vax status

VaccineNew data shows that over half of Americans who are 18+ have received at least one vaccination dose. But even as millions line up to get their vaccinations, vaccination hesitancy is still very much an issue. Experts say that we are reaching a ‘tipping point’ in which the demand of Americans desiring the vaccination will greatly diminish in the next 3-4 weeks, leaving a surplus of COVID-19 vaccinations without any willing patients to receive them.

“Vaccine hesitancy is huge right now, and it’s only growing thanks to the temporary recall of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines. Yet as employers, getting all of our workers vaxxed is on the front of our minds. We want to know that our staff and our clients are as safe as possible, yet how can we encourage vaccinations while still respecting an employees’ right to privacy?” queries Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employment trends expert.

But are employers allowed to require the vaccination, and even go so far as to require proof that a worker has indeed been vaccinated?

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What Employers Need to Know About the American Rescue Plan

Employment trends expert Rob Wilson discusses Biden’s Rescue Plan and what it means for companies

American Rescue PlanPresident Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ includes several key changes to employment-related categories. It’s crucial for employers to become educated about how these changes will impact their policies moving forward.

“Now is the time that employers should prepare for these upcoming changes,” says Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employment trends expert. “There are many modifications to the FFRCA ‘COVID Pay’ categories which will impact the way that you reimburse employees and approach things like sick leave.”

First, says Wilson, is the fact that employers now have the ability to offer employees paid leave through September 30, 2021.

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Breaking Study: Almost 50% Of American Workers Report Alcohol, Substance Abuse Issues

Employment trends expert Rob Wilson discusses new study and how employers can facilitate a healthier work environment

Substance AbuseA new study has found that nearly 50% of American workers are currently struggling with substance and alcohol abuse. The numbers illustrate the stark ways in which the pandemic has impacted the mental and physical health of Americans.

“The data shows that the number of workers who are reporting lower work productivity or missed workdays due to alcohol or substance abuse issues has more than doubled since 2019,” says Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employee trends expert.

Wilson says that employers can help to protect employees from substance and alcohol abuse by enhancing their wellness programs in 2021 and taking advantage of high-tech sober support initiatives.

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New Study: Majority of WFH Employees Don’t Want to Return to the Post-COVID Workplace

Employment trends expert advises employers on how to handle hesitant employees

Work from Home (WFH)With vaccines rolling out across the country and millions of Americans preparing for a post-COVID reality, research suggests that many people would rather continue working from home than returning to the office. A new ‘Return to Workplace Survey’ from Envoy has found that 66% of employees say that they fear for their health and safety, and nearly 48% say they would prefer a hybrid schedule in which they can continue to work from home a few days a week.

But is the desire to continue working virtually rooted in a fear of the virus or is it a preference for flexibility and the ease of working at home?

“Previous Pew research from late 2020 found that 90 percent of people said they didn’t want to return to the workplace even after it was deemed safe to do so. So, I think employers need to prepare themselves for the reality that they are going to get a lot of pushback from employees about starting to go back to work in person,” says Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employment trends expert. “Even with the vaccines and other COVID safety measures in place, the reality is that many WFH employees have simply become accustomed to the lifestyle and don’t want to return to long commutes, business attire, and other obligations that come with working in person.”

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How Employers Can Approach Spring Break in a COVID-19 World

Human resources expert discusses how employers can prevent a rise in COVID-19 cases during spring break season

Spring BreakDespite the fact that the pandemic is far from over, statistics show that that many Americans are planning to travel during the upcoming spring break season. After a year of COVID-19 lockdowns, research reveals that many Americans are planning to hit warm locales like Mexico and Hawaii, and even international destinations like London, as they take advantage of low-cost airline flights.

However, these travel plans can pose a significant risk to communities when these travelers return back home, or back to the office.

“We are definitely concerned about the fact that traveling employees may have an increased chance of exposing their coworkers and colleagues to COVID-19,” says Rob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employment trends expert. “Yet it’s important to be very sensitive about the message we send to employees about spring break travel. Many of these workers are parents with kids at home, some of whom have not been able to attend school for almost a year. Understandably, these families really want to travel and take advantage of their vacation days and low-cost travel options. We can’t downplay the negative impact lockdowns have had on mental health, and it’s important we attend to those needs as managers and employers. But there is no denying that traveling can be quite risky.”

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