HR Newsletter: New Compensation and Benefits Trends

HR Newsletter: New Compensation and Benefits Trends

Compensation Trends – Although some organizations may cut jobs or reduce hiring as economic growth slows, some are paying higher employee wages to keep and win top talent. Today, workers can demand higher pay and better benefits as many employers face a worker shortage and struggle with employee attraction and retention. It’s been a worker-friendly labor market in recent years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. The latest compensation trends aren’t just about wage increases, but also workers wanting to get paid differently, be compensated based on their work and receive more pay transparency. Click the following link to read Today’s Top Compensation Trends

Today’s Top Compensation Trends

Benefits Trends – There’s no denying that employees’ needs have changed over the past few years. As such, employers can offer benefits to meet evolving worker needs shaped by lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a tight labor market and rising inflation. Benefits have always been crucial for attracting and retaining top performers. For 2023, employers are uniquely positioned to offer more than just a health care plan, including holistic benefits, resources and perks that today’s workers most need. This article highlights benefits that are likely to be popular in 2023. Click the following link to read The Trendiest Benefits for 2023

The Trendiest Benefits for 2023

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